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Alex Colville

"What troubles people about my work, in which they find mystery and intrigue, may well be the idea that ordinary things are important." >>>

Odon Wagner Gallery

"After the Toba River" Oil paintings by Chaki at Odon Wagner Contemporary

Chaki shares with us his discovery of the Toba River valley, a remote and pristine wilderness that was new to him, but one that is very much part of the quintessential Canadian panorama. In British Columbia, the Toba River originates in the Coast Mountains and flows generally southwest from Toba Glacier to the head of Toba Inlet. >>>

One of the largest fine art galleries serving the Greater Toronto area.  Works range from abstract to traditional, in a variety of media including oil, acrylic, watercolour and sculpture. Works of Joyce Kamikura, Daniel J. Izzard, Tom Roberts.
Address: 1697 Lakeshore Road West Mississauga, ON L5J 1J4 CANADA  905-822-5495

Address: 137 Tecumseth St, Toronto,, ON, M6J 2H2

One of Canada's largest commercial art galleries with three floors of exhibition space featuring paintings, sculpture, and works on paper, including original prints and photographs. Mira Godard Gallery focuses on contemporary Canadian and international art.
Address: 22 Hazelton Ave, Toronto, ON, M5R 2E2

Beckett Fine Art, established in 1966, represents a select group of established and emerging painters and sculptors from Canada, USA, UK and Japan. We also represent a select group of Canadian Native Indian artists. The artistic styles vary from contemporary abstract to traditional realist.

Address: 120 Scollard St, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 1G4

The Stephen Bulger Gallery is a commercial gallery specializing in contemporary and historical photography. Stephen Bulger has been the representative for numerous Canadian and International photographers, published catalogues and books, and curated over 120 exhibitions. The gallery has participated in many North American and European art fairs.
Address: 1026 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1H6

The Edward Day Gallery was established in 1992 and represents both Canadian and International emerging and award-winning senior contemporary artists. The collection is comprised of sculpture, painting, drawing, photograpy, printmaking, and other media. Works of Bonnie Lewis, Tom Judd, John Nobrega...
Address: 952 Queen St. W. Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1G8

Representing a mix of local and international artists, this gallery offers a large selection of art for sale -- from traditional to contemporary styles. Client services include residential and corporate consultations, framing, installations, rentals and leasing, licensing and copyrights. Works of Natalya Romanovsky, Suzanne Metz, Vladan Ignatovic, Marcelo Suaznabar, Karen Hoepting, Heather Haynes, John & Elli Milan, Maya Eventov...
Address: 37 Sherbourne St. Toronto, ON - M5A 2P6

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