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By Paul Rabinowitz


The Montréal Review, October 2021


Spin Cycle, By Paul Rabinowitz (Brooklyn, NY)


I remember

the first time


a hot summer day

Angels Laundromat


waiting for stains

to be released

from the fibers

of my white

collared shirt


across the folding table


          sparkling eyes


a tarnished

gold band

I slide from

my finger


as you remove

your clothes

from a wicker basket


ask if I can spare



turn the knob to



and watch suds

bust ‘round

your yellow dress

water darkening

with each churn


Outside My Window, By Paul Rabinowitz (Beacon, NY)


This morning

outside my window

orange and red light

lingers on the edge

of a cloud

yellow turns gold


set upon the desk

where I write these poems

for you, a rose

opens wider

than I’ve ever

seen before


maybe god exists

or just a muse tapping

have faith it says

chose a common noun

for the title

of this collection


one syllable

is all you’ll need

then stand by it

be ready to defend

as the meaning

will change

and transform

over time


Cottage, By Paul Rabinowitz (Brooklyn, NY)


I open

the blinds



biting cold

slashes flesh

our cottage

not made

for winter



a red-tailed hawk


a hare

under talons




the virgin snow



spread open

upon your pillow

a book

with soft cover


a love story

of sorts


the kind

I never read


Paul Rabinowitz is an author, photographer and founder of ARTS By The People, a non-profit arts organization based in New Jersey. Through all mediums of art Paul aims to capture real people, flaws and all. He focuses on details that reveal the true essence of a subject, whether they be an artist he’s photographing or a fictional character he’s bringing to life on the page.

Paul’s photography, short fiction and poetry have appeared in many magazines and journals including New World Writing, Pif Magazine, Courtship of Winds, Burningword, Evening Street Press, The Montreal Review, The Metaworker, Adirondack Review, Bangalore Review, Grey Sparrow Journal, The Oddville Press and others. Paul was a featured artist in Nailed Magazine in 2020, nominated for Best of the Net in 2021 for his Limited Light photo series, and also nominated for the Maria Mazziotti Gillan Literary Service Award. Paul is the author of Limited Light, a book of prose and portrait photography, and a novella, The Clay Urn. Paul is working on his novel Confluence, and has completed a poetry collection called truth, love and the lines in between. His short stories, Little Gem MagnoliaVilla Dei Misteri, Indigo and Half Moon and Poems in Morning Light With Cat are the inspiration for 4 short films. Villa Dei Misteri won best Experimental Film at the RevolutionMe Film Festival in 2021. 

Paul has produced mixed media performances and poetry films that have appeared on stages and in theaters in New York City, New Jersey, Tel Aviv and Paris. Paul is a written word performer and the founder of The Platform, a monthly literary series in New Jersey, and Platform Review, a journal of voices and visual art from around the world. Paul’s solo show called Retrospective With Reading Glasses is at CCM Gallery in New Jersey through November, 2021 and is currently at work co-writing a television series with author Erin Jones called Bungalow.


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