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The Montréal Review, November 2011




Even Now

the camera lens limits the cooling day

to the heavy frame in which it comes denser:

the monkey tutting impishly in answer,

loping along the limbs of the Cecropia,


dispelled into the leafy umbrella.

I look down, around at the world outside the lens

and bearing the crosshatching of twisted rope

a coiled snake beside my sandaled foot, suns


and glistens from each pebbled corpuscle;

with unblinking chartreuse eyes

it sits: the fer de lance.

Nervy, it turns to study me


casting shadow on it: I know

what it is and the shadow

lasts all day, living in me

like the ants in the Cecropia.


Marina Read Weiss lives in Brooklyn. She received a Fulbright and an Academy of American Poets Prize. Her poetry has been published in 34th Parallel, Boston Review, Brink, Caper, Clapboard House.



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